Krystal Seal Bags
These self sealing art, print and photo bags make protecting artwork easy and worry-free. Artwork simply slips into a Krystal Seal bag which has a resealable flap, and is ready to store in a flat file, portfolio, print rack or storage box. Krystal Seal Art Bags are great for storing prints, drawings, watercolors, matted and mounted artwork in a variety of sizes. These bags are archival, crystal clear and made of 2 mil Polypropylene. They provide a professional finish to presentations and are perfect for home, gallery and outdoor shows. Bags are made to fit the sizes indicated below. Sizes up to 13x19" have a 1/4" tolerance on both sides and sizes 16x20" and larger have a 1/2" of tolerance on both sides. Available in packages of 25 and 250.
  Part # Image Description   Price Qty
Krystal Seal Bags 5" X 7" 25/pk
EA  $12.09
Krystal Seal Bags 8" X 10" 25/pk
EA  $14.79
Krystal Seal Bags 8.5" X 11" 25/pk
EA  $17.49
Krystal Seal Bags 9" X 12" 25/pk
EA  $20.95
Krystal Seal Bags 11" X 14" 25/pk
EA  $24.25
Krystal Seal Bags 11" X 17" 25/pk
EA  $26.95
Krystal Seal Bags 12" X 16" 25/pk
EA  $26.95
Krystal Seal Bags 13" X 19" 25/pk
EA  $33.09
Krystal Seal Bags 16" X 20" 25/pk
EA  $39.09
Krystal Seal Bags 18" X 24" 25/pk
EA  $53.95
Krystal Seal Bags 20" X 26" 25/pk
EA  $80.98
Krystal Seal Bags 23" X 31" 25/pk
EA  $95.79