Category - Print Making Ink
OIL-BASED RELIEF INKS are professional quality, great for wood-block, linoleum and intaglio relief printing. Smooth and creamy, they yield crisp prints with a press or by hand. Each rich, saturated color is made with pure lithographic varnish and the finest pigments, with little or no drier.

WATER-SOLUBLE INKS are the first truly professional quality oil-based, water-soluble inks. With soap-and-water cleanup and no toxic solvents, they are an excellent choice for relief, monotype, intaglio, drypoint, ImagOn and Solarplate printing. The strong pigment load allows you to apply a thinner layer of ink than is customary for water-soluble inks, eliminating over-inked, blurry prints. Deep, rich colors dry to a beautiful satin finish and, once set, are not reactivated by water.