Derwent Pastel Pencil Set of 12 Colors
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Pastel beauty, pencil control Nothing beats the colourful brilliance of pastels but they re not the easiest medium to use. Now you can enjoy all the beauty of pastel in a convenient, non-messy form. These woodcased Pastel Pencils have a soft, powdery texture which produces a velvety smooth finish, ideal for mixing and blending. And because they re pencils, they re clean and easy to control although you may not be able to resist the occasional smudge with your finger! There are no less than 90 fabulous colours to choose from. These round 8mm diameter pencils with an extra wide 5mm strip are ideal for soft expressive studies. They are a medium pastel with a slightly chalky feel but also able to achieve a fine point. They have a soft powdery texture which means they can be mixed and blended well but because they are encased in wood you do not get the mess associated with a pastel block. Available in a range of 90 colour tones ranging from full strength to palest tints each Pastel Pencil is coded with a colour name and number. A special code denotes the tint level. B = Full strength, D = Deep Tint, F = Medium Tint and H = Light Tint