Sparmax Airbrush and Compressor and Golden Paint Set
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Comes with TC501N Achieve Air Compressor Air Compressor & DH103 Airbrush Features of the TC501N Achieve Compressor: 1/8 HP AC motor, Automatic on/off, Preset 40psi on/60psi off, includes Hose, Moisture Trap, Air Regulator, Adapters for all major art airbrush brands. The Achieve by Sparmax offers a true auto-matic shut-off and instant "on" at any pressure. It features a PU curly hose and a PU straight hose, plus adapters for all major airbrushes. Lightweight, runs quietly and very portable. This package combines the Achieve TC501N Air Compressor by Sparmax with our Sparmax DH103 Airbrush. Features a 0.3 mm nozzle and needle combination with 7cc sized cup suitable for general purpose application. The rounded cup design makes cleaning easy and paint flow efficient. Nozzle size 0.3 mm Fluid cup size 7 cc. and Set of 10 Golden Opaque High Flow Colours 09530.